The Yin & Yang of Cannabis - Sept. 8th 1 pm-4pm, Mountain Hollow Medicinals: Craftsbury, VT

Cannabis has been a component of the Materia Medica of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years. Let’s expand our understanding of how Cannabis interacts with us from a different perspective! In this workshop we will learn about the plant, sativa vs indica and the endocannabinoid system. Applying a Yin - Yang understanding to the therapeutic effects of this ancient herb can provide a deeper understanding of not only the “feeling” associated but what symptoms are appropriate for specific varieties.

Olga has been creating and presenting course material on a variety of health topics, for over 20 years. Based on her training and experience in Biomedicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbalism her focus is how Integrative Medicine can address many health concerns and making information accessible including medicine making. Olga is available to present workshops to a variety of audiences from the novice to the expert healthcare professional.

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